• Mastering JEE Full Paper Test

    Mastering JEE

    Full Paper Tests

    21 Papers
    7 each for PCM
    Full portion test

  • Mastering JEE

    MKCL's Mission JEE

    Mastering JEE

    16000+ questions
    Chapter wise test
    Full portion test

  • Features to help you Excel

    FEATURES to help you EXCEL!!

    Instant results
    Detailed feedback
    Conceptual distractors
    State wide ranking

  • Exploriments - Perform Experiments Online

    Exploriments - Perform Experiments Online

    Perform experiments online
    400+ exploriments
    Unlimited access

  • For both 11th & 12th Science students

    For both 11th & 12th Science students

    Mastering JEE for 11th
    Mastering JEE for 12th

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